Program Offerings for Students


Konscious Classroom

Designed to support youth in developing their self-awareness and strengthen their self-management skill sets, so they can form healthier connections with themselves and those around them.


This movement, mindfulness & SEL curriculum is inspired by evidenced-based programs such as Mindful Schools, Mind Up, and Holistic Life Foundations Mindfulness Course. 

Each session includes simple movement techniques to increase mental focus, breathing exercises to minimize stress, and meaningful reflection and inquiry for personal development.


Konscious Flow

Konscious flow is inspired by Kripalu’s Yoga in Schools, a curriculum designed to foster SEL skills in adolescents using mindfulness and yoga practices.  


Each session incorporates a SEL theme that is explored as a group through movement, breathwork, and activities empowering students to cultivate self-awareness, make skillful decisions, and manage stress through mind-body practices.


Students walk away with teachings and skills for self-regulation and greater resilience.  


Press Club 603 Mattison Ave. Asbury Park, NJ

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