Interactive Workshop

This workshop will provide educators with the tools needed to develop and strengthen their own personal practice, as well as, simple ways for them to integrate mindfulness into their classrooms.

Program includes:

  • A foundation on how to practice of mindfulness

  • Techniques to deal with difficult emotions

  • Instruction on the neuroscience of the brain and how our emotions impact our focus, attention, and overall well-being

  • Simple and practical techniques to develop a strong personal practice

  • How to teach breathing and meditation techniques to students

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Simple ways to integrate mindfulness into classrooms

1-on-1 Sessions

Mindfulness & meditation techniques to help leaders.

Mindful leadership

Day/Half-day Workshop


Recharge and get staff grounded to deal with the challenges.


Day of Wellness

Day or Half-day Workshop

A day for your staff and administration to recharge, be focused, and get grounded to deal with the challenges from a place of peace and empowerment.


  • Simple techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety

  • Education on the importance of self-regulation and how it impacts connection with our youth

  • Gentle movements that can be done at any time throughout the day to maintain clarity

  • Sound meditation to deepen peace

For  teachers  &  school  administration

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Mindful Leadership

1-on-1 Sessions

Learn how to regulate stress and deal with difficult situations without burning out.


During these one-on-one mindfulness and meditations sessions you will learn how to:

  • Deal with stress and anxiety

  • Regulate the nervous system and manage difficult emotions

  • Strengthen focus and concentration

  • Increase productivity

  • Enhance overall health and well-being

Interested in the bringing "Mindful Leadership" sessions to your school or organization?

Educators & Organizations