Weekly Mindful Youth Program


Students will learn how to become more aware of their internal emotions and have a better mastery of self. 


During the weekly program, students will be taught holistic tools for Mindfulness, along with how to spread this knowledge to their friends and fellow peers.

Program includes:

  • Evidence based Mindfulness curriculum

  • Gentle Yoga and Meditation practice

  • Techniques for self-reflection and emotional regulation

  • Tools to strengthen social emotional learning skills

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Youth Phys-Ed Workshop

KYDS staff brings holistic wellness & physical education to your school for the day!


Program includes:

  • Gentle Yoga movement to strengthen mind-body connection, as well as, minimize stress and anxiety.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation techniques to strengthen focus and concentration, self-awareness, and emotional regulation

  • Discussion and instruction on character development, social emotional learning, and life skills relevant to the needs of your students.

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Minfdful KYDS

Weekly Program


Evidence based mindfulness curricula taught to students at their middle and high schools.

Group Workshop

Day of yoga, meditation , and other techniques to minimize anxiety, as well as,  strengthen concentration and mind-body connection.

konscious phys-ed



Group sessions tailored to address the most pertinent issues and needs of your school

konscious leadership



Group Presentation

We deliver custom presentations and workshops that are tailored to the most pertinent issues and needs of your school.


Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Mindful Drug & Alcohol Prevention

  • Conscious Leadership

  • Bully Culture

  • Creating Healthy Behaviors 

  • Character Development

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