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Adventures, Connections & Self-Discovery.

FREE for our youth!
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About the Camp

Since our camp's 2015 inception, our summer program has been a transformative force, equipping youth with essential tools for Self-Regulation, empowering them with strategies to confidently navigate challenging emotions, and guiding them on a journey toward unlocking their fullest potential—all while having a fun, vibrant time with friends old and new. All at $0 cost to their families!

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👉🏾 9 YEARS of free accessible summer programming!
👉🏾 300 + youth educated on mindfulness!
👉🏾 50 Jr. Konscious Workers empowered and supported!

👉🏾 Hundreds of delicious, plant-based meals consumed!
👉🏾 Over 100 parents grateful and appreciative!

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Holistic Practices for Body and Mind

Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and the healing melodies of sound — these practices guide your child to find balance, tranquility, and inner serenity.

Surf Mentorship

Powered by the Asbury Park Surf Club, our surf mentorship program is a thrilling adventure that connects our youth to the ocean, and ignites a passion for exploration, adventure, and personal growth.

Plant-Based Snacks & Meals

Delicious, plant-based snacks and meals to fuel the adventure, fostering both physical well-being and healthy eating habits.

Team Bonding & Energizing Activities

Through dynamic group activities, we instill the essence of teamwork and mutual support. The kids not only have a blast, but they discover the power of unity and camaraderie.

Arts, Crafts, and Creativity

Arts and crafts are seamlessly woven into the fabric of our days, providing our youth with a canvas to express themselves and explore their artistic potential.

Nature Walks for Self-Awareness

Amidst the beauty of the great outdoors, our youth connect with the world around them, fostering inner growth and a profound appreciation for nature.


Our Intern Program

also known as our JR KONSCIOUS WORKERS!

Our Jr. Konscious Worker Internship offers high school students a chance to develop leadership skills and help mentor the young campers under the guidance of our trained, adult Konscious Workers.


Participants gain professional growth and positively impact the camp community while receiving a stipend!

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Hear from past
Jr Konscious Workers!

Much Gratitude to
Our Community Partners

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