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Leave a legacy for generations to come!

Are you thinking of leaving a part of your legacy to a non-profit or charitable organization, whose causes you’re passionate about? 

Preserve Your Legacy with Planned Giving

Planned giving is a powerful tool that can help you preserve your legacy. For starters, you are sending a message by supporting a cause you care about and positively impacting an organization. You can feel so proud for that in itself, knowing that a part of your legacy contributed to positive change in the world.


In addition, planned giving is a creative solution that will help you lower the total taxable amount of your estate. Although it’s not necessarily the right choice for all individuals, many find that it’s a great way to help protect the legacy that they want to pass on to loved ones. There are many different types of planned giving available, so it’s easy to find an option that fits your circumstances.

Below are just a few ideas you can consider to remember KYDS in your Legacy Planning. We’re happy to chat about your thoughts to see our mission grow in the future. Email us at if you would like to discuss further.


A bequest is the most common type of planned gift. It’s included in a Will or a Trust, and is typically a set dollar amount, rather than property. Alternatively, it could be a percentage based on the value of the estate at the time of the donor’s death.


Life Insurance

When setting up a life insurance policy, the policy-holding company will ask you to make a beneficiary designation. The beneficiary is the individual or entity who will receive your life insurance policy proceeds in the event of your death.

401k / IRA or Retirement Plan

You can also designate a nonprofit as the beneficiary of a retirement plan, such as a 401k or Individual Retirement Account (IRA). You don’t necessarily have to give all of your retirement savings away to charity if you don’t want to. Financial institutions typically allow you to designate multiple beneficiaries per account, with an indication of what percentage each beneficiary should receive.

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