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Keynotes & Workshops

Inspiring keynotes
to transform educators
and youth workers into mindful leaders,
creating a brighter future for all!

Rodney and Mychal's authentic approach will both inspire and challenge your people, setting in motion a ripple effect for positive change. By nurturing the skills needed to catalyze transformation from within, your team will be uniquely positioned to not only effect positive change in their own lives but also to help restore the world around them.


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  1. Mastering Resilience with Mindfulness: An Essential Tool for Conquering Life's Challenges

  2. Break the Stigma: Preventing Mental Health Challenges Through Proactive Measures

  3. Powerful Connections: How Building Empathy and Vulnerability Can Unlock Your Potential

  4. Unlock Your Inner Peace: Achieving Harmony Through Heart Coherence

  5. Heal from the Inside Out: Transforming Trauma with Holistic Practices for Long-Term Wellness

"As for the facilitators, they know their craft and guided us into a deep place that permitted us to, in some way, finally begin (to) identify and engage in the healing process.

We have endured so much these past few years, we carry old wounds, and we learned that for us to help or serve others, we truly need to care for ourselves first. Thank you."

NJEA RISE Up in HOPE Conference Attendee, July 2022

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