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Program Offerings for YOUTH

Assemblies &
Group Workshops

This is an introductory overview of the simple and practical ways to balance the body, mind, and emotions and is tailored to the most pertinent issues your school is dealing with.


This presentation provides each youth with a blueprint for creating balance for themselves and those around them.

We Include:

  • Team builders, icebreakers, movement, and mindfulness exercises to create a social-emotional learning experience that connects students to the greatest version of themselves.

  • Simple and practical techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety

  • Breathing techniques and gentle movement for Self-Regulation

  • Wisdom Stories, poetry, and space for authentic connections


Konscious Classroom

Designed to support youth in developing their Self-Awareness and strengthen their Self-Management skill sets, so they can form healthier connections with themselves and those around them.


This movement, mindfulness & SEL curriculum is inspired by evidence-based programs such as Mindful Schools, Mind Up, and Holistic Life Foundations Mindfulness Course.


Each session includes simple movement techniques to increase mental focus, breathing exercises to minimize stress, and meaningful reflection and inquiry for personal development.

Benefits of participating include:

  1. Reduced Stress & Anxiety

  2. Strengthened Self-Awareness of thoughts, feelings, and emotions

  3. Learn Self-Management tools, including movement, mindfulness, and breathwork

  4. Activate the Growth Mindset

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