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The Manuel “Fresh” Spann OPEN HEART Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Manuel “Fresh” Spann, whose soul transitioned in 2017. KYDS has awarded over $20,000 to help students with things like buying cars to get to school, making down payments on tuition, supporting their families with food and rent, and basically anything they need to succeed! ‍‍‍ (FYI, the money goes directly to YOU, not your school).


Manuel's family, SPS Fitness and KYDS established this scholarship to commemorate all of the unconditional love, passion, and hope Manuel had for the students of Asbury Park High School during his time as a Behavioral Specialist for the school-based program called "The Spot".

Known to many as Manny "Fresh," he had an unwavering passion for every student he worked with.


His contagious laugh and kind spirit embodied the very essence of his friendship with one of his best friends from high school, KYDS co-founder Rodney, as they worked together closely in Asbury Park High School.

Through Manny's commitment to students, the goal of this scholarship is to promote the mission of KYDS by showing youth the importance of living a BALANCED life in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

This balance is the key to success in every facet of life, and in any field, they desire to pursue. With good health, a strong mind, and a nurtured soul, one can overcome any obstacle and THRIVE!


Who's eligible?


  1. Are you a graduating senior from Asbury Park or Neptune High School (Class of 2024)?

  2. Did you participate in any KYDS program during the 2023-2024 school year?

  3. Are you planning to rock college, university, or trade school?

If you answered YES to all three questions, then this scholarship is for YOU!

Here's the scoop:

  • We're giving scholarships to 3 amazing students to help them crush their college or trade school dreams! ✨


Thank you to Luz & Anthony Labato, Collis Spann, and The SPS Fitness family for the funds donated to make this scholarship possible!

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