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Our Impact

Since 2014, we've served

20,000+ Students

8,000+ Educators

150+ institutions

throughout NJ and beyond!

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We've also partnered with

Asbury Park School District

to implement Full-Time Comprehensive


  • Konscious Worker presence throughout 4 schools.

  • Supporting Students and Staff to Self-Regulate and build better Connections.

  • Konscious Classroom and Mindful Moment Rooms for K-12.

  • 2017-2020

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Schools we're currently

partnered with include:

  • Hope Academy

  • Asbury Park High School++

  • Neptune High School++

  • Neptune City K-8

  • Academy Charter High School

  • Freehold Regional School District

  • Sea Lavendar Montessori

++ Includes Restorative Justice Conference Training & Facilitation


Since 2018, we've awarded over $17,000 to 17 graduating students throughout Asbury Park and Neptune High School to assist with the costs of attending college or trade school.

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