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Recharge Your Battery Staff  Wellness  Workshops

The perfect solution to support your staff's physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Help them strengthen their Self-Awareness and provide tools to better Self-Manage the daily stressors of life and in the work environment by way of connection gentle movement, breathing, stillness, and deep relaxation.


As we consciously recharge, we develop the internal foundation to support the healthy regulation of the students we serve.


This interactive workshop will allow staff to embody the essence of Social Emotional Learning and gain practical tools to integrate into their classroom experience.

During this 2-part workshop,

Educators will Experience/Learn:

1. Simple and practical tools to strengthen self-awareness

2. How to regulate difficult emotions through mindfulness, movement & breathwork.

3. The impact our energy and emotions have on children and coworkers.

4. Practical tools and techniques they can integrate into their classroom experience.

Konscious Education Staff SEL & Mindfulness

Learn our time-tested tools of resiliency and transform anxiety, stress and overwhelm into calm, collected, resilient presence through mindfulness, SEL & restorative practices.


Restorative Justice Training, Workshops
& Consultations

For effective teaching and learning to occur, we believe that there should be good relationships within the school. The restorative approach puts repairing harm done to relationships at the heart of the school. This allows us to build, nurture and repair relationships when conflict arises. 

*KYDS is IIRP Restorative Justice Certified​

We offer Full-Day, Half-Day, or Multiple-Day workshops.​


​Focus Topics include:

  1. Restore & Relax: Working WITH youth

    • KYDS Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation tools for relaxation

    • Introduction to Restorative Justice concepts

    • How to develop healthy relationships with the Social Discipline Window and integration of the Restorative Continuum

  2. Restore & Relax: Transforming Shame

    • KYDS self-awareness & self-regulation tools for relaxation

    • Innerstanding stigmatizing Vs. Reintegrative Shame

    • SOULutions to transform shame/trauma

  3. Restore & Relax: Restoring conflict in real-time

    • KYDS Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation tools for relaxation

    • Importance of building rapport & trust to resolve conflict

    • Real-time conflict management strategies

  4. Restore & Relax: Creating Spaces of Joy

    • KYDS Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation tools for relaxation

    • How to integrate Restorative Circles in the classroom

  5. Restore & Relax: Restorative Conferences

    • KYDS Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation tools for relaxation

    • How to integrate high-level restorative conferences into your school

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