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One Mic One Soul Open Mic Night

Monthly Open Mic Night at various Asbury Park Locations


A family-friendly open mic night featuring the artistry of community poets, singers, rappers, spoken word artists, dancers, comedians, and musicians.


FREE for all. Donations greatly appreciated.

Come Experience:

  • Community Connection

  • Spoken Art, Music, and Soulful Expression

  • Vulnerability & Authenticity

“From the open mic sessions, I was able to be part of a community built on trust, vulnerability, and kindness. Listening to everyone participating and seeing how the crowd reacted so positively helped me gain a sense of happiness and hope. Hope that there are individuals who strive to make a change in the community for the better.”

- Dayra Mejia-Reyes

“A moment of peace and a sense of zen. Great nights filled with love, poetry, and community”

- Community Member
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