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Recharge Your Battery

1 hour to 1 Day Workshop


We help educators unwind with social-emotional learning and mindfulness exercises. 

Staff will learn how gentle movement, breathing, stillness, and relaxation can strengthen their self-awareness and provide tools to better self manage the daily stressors of life and in the work environment.

“I walked into the workshop feeling completely depleted. I had a lot on my plate both personally and professionally and was in the mindset of just checking things off of my to-do list. I did not know what to expect out of the workshop as I attend many for my job and thought it was going to be another day of listening to a presenter and checking it off of my to-do list, but boy was I wrong and I'm happy I was! I think I was meant to be at this training and left feeling recharged and ready for the week ahead”

- School Educator

92.2% of participants said they would practice mindfulness as a result of this workshop.

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